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Information for:
5th Grade Teachers about the 2017-2018
 Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District
Poster Contest

"Water-----The Cycle of Life"

Posters Due: October 27th, 2017

Sponsored by:
Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District
(336) 838-3622 ext. 3

5th Grade Poster Contest

Who:  All 5th Grade Classes in Wilkes County!

When:  All posters are due by October 27th, 2017

What:  Create a poster using the theme "Water------The Cycle of Life!"

• Posters must be the original work of the individual student.  Students should be made aware of copyright protection.
• Posters must be no larger than 24" X 36" inches.
• Poster MUST have the correct title on them (i.e. the title on the poster should match the title of the theme used for the current year).
• Pictures or other materials may be mounted on the posters, if mounted securely.  Only materials that are flat or create a two-dimensional effect may be used. Hand drawn pictures qualify for extra judging points.  Mounted materials cannot stick out more than 1/8 of an inch from the paper.
• Any coloring materials available to students and suitable for poster work may be used. 

Why:  To give 5th graders the opportunity to educate themselves and others with their conservation knowledge of:

1. Why is the water cycle important?
2. Understand that water on earth moves in a continuous cycle.
3. Be able to name and explain the stages of the water cycle.

How:  After students return from their Conservation Fall Field Day, teachers should encourage all students to create a poster about what they learned.  Teachers will select the school's 3 best posters to compete in the District Contest. 

**The District will pick 1 school winner from the posters submitted.**

Prizes:  At the Awards Banquet held in March, school winners will receive a T-shirt and $10.00. The 4th place winner will receive $25.00, 3rd place winner will receive $40.00, 2nd place will receive $60.00, and 1st place will receive $100.00 and represent Wilkes County in the Area II competition.

Remember:  Please no 3-D or wooden posters!

** Teachers can deliver the 3 winning posters to the Wilkes County Ag Building, Suite A, in Wilkesboro or call by October 20th, 2017 to arrange a pick-up day before the October 27th deadline.  Please place your school's winning posters in a plastic bag and label.  I will be glad to pick them up in your school's office.
                                                              (Do not roll up)

*****The following form MUST be on the back of each poster entry.*****


Student's Name:_____________________________Grade:_____ 

T-shirt size:  S  M  L  XL  XXL

School Name:__________________________________________

Home Phone:___________________________________________

Teacher's Name:_________________________________________ _______________________________________________
T-shirt size:    S  M  L  XL  XXL

Note: T-shirts come in adult sizes