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The Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District now has a Truax FlexII-88 no-till drill!  This drill has three seed boxes to allow planting of cool season grasses and small grains, fluffier seed such as warm season grasses, or even smaller seed such as legumes (works great with clover).  It has a seeding width of 5.3 feet, so it is ideal for those smaller areas.  And a 40hp tractor is all you need to pull it!  This is a great tool for managing forages such as fescue, orchardgrasses, and grass-clover mixes.  Fall is a good time to seed for vigor and stand improvement.  The drill provides a means for better seeding precision, and reduces volume of seed needed.
The Truax was made possible through a grant secured through the NC Foundation for Soil & Water Conservation.
The drill is available for rent at a rate of $10 per acre, with a $75 minimum.  If you would like more information, or to schedule a rental, please contact our office at (336)838-3622 x.3.