Wilkes SWCD is excited to announce that we have a new Plotmaster 400 available for rent at the rate of $100/day, $65/half day, or $150/weekend. The Plotmaster comes with a one-point hitch system and is 4 feet wide, making it great for smaller areas. The Plotmaster can be pulled by ATVs/UTVs (500cc or larger -- 4 wheel drive), or large lawn tractors. The Plotmaster features a Linear Lift System which is used to raise and lower the unit for transport and proper depth control for tillage as well as an unique “Down Pressure System” which is designed for the user to distribute the cutting pressure of the disc where needed. The Top Link can be adjusted to put more pressure on the front disc or can be used to apply the pressure to the rear disc. Attachments available for use include a reversible chisel plow, a grain drill, and a native warm season grass attachment. Please see below for details, tutorials, and tips. Call us at 336-838-3622 ext 3 to make a reservation.


Recommended use: ATV---500CC or Larger---4 Wheel Drive

Unit Includes:

Unique Down Pressure System for the 1 point Hitch, Disc Harrow, Electric Versa Seeder, *NEW* Linear Lift System (18 second retraction/extension), Cultipacker/Drag with Metal Grating.


Folded Length: 68”

Hitch Extended: 99”

Machine Width: 48”

Wheel Width: 58”

Overall Height: 40” (Lowered Position)

Overall Height: 48” (Raised Position)

Weight: 646#

Disc Harrow:

12 Heavy-Duty 16” Notched Disc with Sealed Bearings

Maximum cutting width: 48”

Versa Seeder System:

New, Patent-Pending Versa Seeder, Reverse Auger Brush System designed to plant all types of seeds and seed blends.

*Please see below for available attachments*

Native Warm Season Grass Attachment

The NWSG Kit with new Versa‐Seeding System is designed to keep small, fluffy seed including grass seed and NWSG’s within the perfect planting zone (behind disc and in front of the drag and cultipacker). You can disc, plant, cover and cultipack all at the same time. This will allow you to plant NWSG’s and other grass seed in a single pass – saving valuable time, money and effort!

Using the NWSG Curtain in tandem with the Metal Grating is easy and simple to achieve. Remove the ½” x 3” pin from the Drag Connector, mount the curtain with the Bracket /Curtain supplied and simply slide your Drag connector back into place and you are ready to seed and cover grass seed and lofty type seeds with ease.

Grain Drill Attachment

The Grain Drill is the perfect attachment for planting all types of seed “in rows” including; Corn, Soybeans, Grain Sorghum, Sunflowers, Peas, Cereal Grains, etc.

Reversible Chisel Plow Attachment

This attachment comes with four heavy-duty S-Tines and four reversible tooth spikes. This attachment is also used for increased tillage and for added down pressure. It works great to break up hard, compacted soils as well as virgin soils prior to preparing your plots for planting.

These extra sharp spikes/chisel points penetrate the soil with ease and increase the down pressure forcing the discs deeper into your soils for increased tillage.

Tutorials and Tips

Connecting Attachments:

This 2 ½” square Receiver in the rear of your unit is for connecting the Metal Drag. This receiver is also for accepting additional attachments such as the chisel plow.

*Raise the discs before making a sharp turn or they may break or warp.

*Ensure that the cord to the battery and controls is secured safely to the ATV/UTV so that is not damaged.

*Remember, the higher your tires are raised, the deeper you are plowing into the ground.

*Use the top link to adjust the pressure on the front or in the back.

Watch the following two videos to see the Plotmaster in Action: