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Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District

Preserving the Land and Improving our Water Quality


We are proud to offer a variety of services to Wilkes County residents. We strive to provide the best assistance and service to all our clients. To see a detailed list of our services, click more info below. 


We have many programs available to assist farmers, landowners, schools, and communities with their conservation efforts. Find more information on our programs by clicking more info below. 


We strongly believe in education and are proud to partner with our schools to provide resources and programs for all grade levels. Find more information on our education programs by clicking more info below.


We are always working on projects to benefit our community. From public education to restoring streams, we are ready to take action. Find information on our projects by clicking more info below.


Wilkes County Soil & Water Conservation District was established in 1939, the District is a non-regulatory local government and non-profit (501c(3)) organization.


Our Mission: To foster voluntary, incentive-driven management of soil, water, and related natural resources for the benefit of the environment, economy, and all citizens.


Wilkes SWCD consists of 5 board members and 7 staff members. 


“My first interaction with the Soil and Water Department began when I was a fifth grade student in the year 2000, twenty three years ago. My second interaction was when I became a Fifth Grade Teacher in 2018. My third interaction was when I became a Wilkes County Commissioner in 2020. Throughout each interaction, I have always found a friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable staff who works tirelessly to put Wilkes County and its citizens first. I am very proud of the work the Wilkes County Soil and Water Department does on a daily basis.”

Wilkes Co. Board of Commissioners & Wilkes Co. Schools Teacher

Casey Joe Johnson


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