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Distance Learning and Home Schools

Home School

All programming is based on student age group and is offered also to homeschooled students. When requesting programs please advise how many students would be participating and the age range. We will come to a group meeting location or can provide a space if needed.



Distance Learning

As many students have made changes over to online classrooms, here is a link to a Google shared drive folder that has many lessons and other links that you can use online for lesson enrichment. We also offer secured Zoom lessons.


The lessons can be modified to do as an indoor/outdoor activity in students' own environments.


Lessons shared are focused for grades K-12, however, for curriculum match specifics on each lesson please contact our education specialist.







Also, if you would like to learn more about our programs or would like to give input on future programs please take our quick interest survey.


Contact Education SpecialistJulia Hardy!

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