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Our Mission

To foster voluntary, incentive-driven management of soil, water, and related natural resources for the benefit of the environment, economy, and all citizens.

The Vision

To improve the lives of all citizens, through conservation best management practices, education, and technical services, using the most current and accurate knowledge available.


Soil Conservation Technician 

 Chris served farmers as a Soil Conservation Technician for NRCS for 30 years. After retiring from NRCS, Chris returned to work with Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District and surrounding districts as Inspector for Stream Debris Programs. 


Christine "Chris" Vance


Watershed Coordinator

BJ served farmers while working for NRCS. After retiring, he returned to serve the farmers and landowners of Wilkes County through oversight of the NWQI Program and providing technical assistance. 


BJ Cook

Contracted Staff:

Makayla Norman

Makayla Norman

Natural Resource Conservationist 

Streamflow Rehabilitation Specialist 

Makayla is responsible for coordinating our Stream Rehabilitation Assistance Program (StRAP), Stream Debris Removal Program, and the Community Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP). Makayla also assists with Drone Surveying, mapping, and Water Point Certification. She uses marketing and design skills to manage our social media accounts and assist with fundraising. She is also working on her North Carolina Environmental Education Certification. 


Kayla McCoy

Natural Resource Conservationist

 Grants Administrator 

Kayla has a myriad of duties with the district including mapping, BMP Construction Certification for Cost Share Programs, contracting, writing Nutrient Management Plans, and Drone Surveying. Kayla also assists with our environmental education programs as well as finding and applying for grant monies for conservation projects within the district. 


Kayla M. McCoy

The Board Members: 

The board is made up of 5 community members from all across the county and is comprised of 3 elected and two appointed members. They strive to ensure that Wilkes SWCD is doing its best to serve Wilkes County. 


Charlie Sink



Dr. Bill H. Davis, Jr. 



Claude E. Shew, Jr.



Brian L. Parker



Gwen T. Minton


The Staff 

Meet Your Team 

Wilkes Soil & Water is made up of 5 Board members and 7 Staff members.

Rob Baldwin

District Director

Rob manages the work of staff and the Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District office. He works closely with the District Board, the County Manager, and partner agriculture agencies, local educators, landowners, and land users. The purpose of the work is to promote programs and services of the department and to provide technical, educational, and informational services to maintain, protect, preserve, and enhance natural resources on private and public lands in Wilkes County. 



Barry Greer

Natural Resource Conservationist 

Barry is responsible for working with landowners, contractors, developers, and farming operations to encourage best management practices within the Wilkes Soil and Water Conservation District. He is responsible for writing conservation plans for the NC Ag Cost Share and AgWRAP program. 

Barry provides technical assistance for drainage, erosion, and storm damage issues. With 34+ years of experience Barry has escorted Wilkes SWCD to be the #1 district in the state for monies allocated through the NC Cost Share Program. 


Barry Water Points.jpg

Julia C. Hardy

Conservation Educational Specialist 

Julia plans and implements educational programs in the community and establishes sound relationships with the elementary, middle, and high schools in conserving soil, water and other natural resources. She is a certified NC Environmental Educator and coordinates educational contests and field days within the district and region. She maintains office bookkeeping, minutes, coordinates events, and advises the Wilkes Voluntary & Enhanced Voluntary Agricultural District programs and the Wilkes Agricultural Hall of Fame. 


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