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NWQI Roaring River

The National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI):
East & Middle Prong
Roaring River Watershed

NQWI provides for Best Management Practices (BMPs) to be put in place within the East and Middle prongs of the Roaring River watershed.


In the East and Middle Prongs of the Roaring River area, many agriculture and forestry operators manage their natural resources as the current laws require, however, the watersheds are impaired. The Wilkes Soil and Water Conservation District has overviewed the two watersheds and has determined that the main water quality concerns leading to the impairments are:


  1. Forestry and associated timber harvesting practices

  2. Cows and their access to surface waters

  3. Cropland management, specifically erosion control and nutrient management

  4. Poultry Operations’, nutrient management processes

  5. Streambank and streambed destabilization

If you farm in these watersheds and are interested in potential cost-share dollars to implement BMPs on your farm, contact our watershed coordinator BJ Cook today!

The image depicts the confluence of the West Prong Roaring River and the Middle/East Prong Roaring River. Sedimentation is evident from the drone image.
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