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Middle School Programs

Middle School (6-8)


Some of the resources we offer to teachers and clubs are as follows:


  • Hands-on Lessons in the Classroom that match your curriculum (STEM-based)

  • Career Day Presentations and Career Path information

  • Assistance to Science Olympiad teams

  • Envirothon Teams

  • Programs Listing

Choose a Section:




2023-2024 Contest Details are HERE!


Our theme for 2023-2024 is "The Living Soil".


All provided resources will be released on October 6, after our 5th grade Conservation Fall Field Days (Sept. 20-29). In the meantime, please research all that you would like to at the library or online!

Students may compete in one or more contest categories listed below:

  • 6th grade Essay, Slideshow, and Speech

  • 7th grade Essay, Slideshow, and Speech

  • 8th grade Essay, Slideshow, and Speech

For contest details and resources please see our Contests page.


Example Lessons and Resources

For the shared folder of lessons and links click here. These lessons are focused for grades K-12, however, for curriculum match specifics on each lesson please contact our education specialist.




Contact Education SpecialistJulia Hardy!

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