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Program Inquiries
and Evaluations

Program Inquiry

We want to hear from you! How can we better serve you and our Wilkes County Students PK-12?

Please use this form to share your areas of interest, for example:

  • Testing out new programs with your class

  • Sharing your opinions on potential resources for us to offer

  • Learning more about what programs we currently offer in correlation with the NC Essential Standards curriculum


Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District's Education Programs

Program Evaluation

Thank you so much for inviting Wilkes SWCD to visit your classroom!


Please take a moment to fill out this quick (7-question) survey on the environmental education program(s) you received, it will take 5 minutes or less. Responses are anonymous, and your honesty is appreciated as we use these surveys to improve our programs.

Programs Offered Listing

  1. Wiggling Worms and You PK-12 (Vermicomposting)

  2. Nature Art/Nature Journaling PK-8

  3. Animals and/or Plants Life Cycles PK-12

  4. Don’t Waste It! PK-12 (Recycle, Trash, Compost, & Vermicompost)

  5. Earth and Humans K-12

  6. Ecosystems K-12

  7. Soils K-12

  8. Hydrologic/Water Cycle, Wetlands, and Watersheds Lessons K-12

  9. Rock and Minerals Lessons 1-12

  10. You in Nature Sound Mapping for Descriptive Writing or Poetry 3-12

  11. Air We Breathe 3-12

  12. Carbon Cycle 3-12

  13. Pollution: Point Source & Non-Point Source 3-12

  14. Adaptations 4-12

  15. Earth's Changes 4-12

  16. 5th grade Conservation Fall Field Days

  17. Weather and the Hydrologic Cycle 5

  18. Contests 5-12 (5th Poster, 6th-12th Essay, Speech, Slideshow)

  19. Lithosphere/Hydrosphere/Atmosphere 5-12

  20. Envirothon 6-12 (Soils, Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatics, & Current Environmental Issues)

  21. Renewable and Non-renewable Natural Resources 8-12

  22. Virtual-9th Conservation Career Day (on website)

  23. HS Environmental Field Day 9-12

  24. Land Use/Land Capabilities/Landjudging 9-12

  25. Resource Conservation Workshop 9-12

  26. FFA Team Competition Readiness 9-12

  27. Drone Conservation Technology 9-12

  28. Science Nights and/or Career Day events

  29. Science Olympiad Assistance

  30. Senior Projects/Internships/Job Shadowing

  31. Boy Scouts Soil and Water Merit Badge

  32. Scholarship for Wilkes HS Senior

This is our primary lesson focus areas; we do offer more upon request and each lesson is catered to the group’s needs.

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