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Tractors Parked in the Crop Field

No-Till Drill Rentals 

Available Now

The Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District now has two no-till drills available for your use! These drills have three seed boxes allowing you to plant a mixture of seeds from grasses, small grains, and even smaller seeds such as legumes (works great with clover!). These drills are a great tool for managing forages such as fescue, orchard grass, and grass-clover mixes. 

Rental Rates: 

$10 per acre 

*$75 minimum


Truax Flex II - 88

The Truax has a seeding width of 5.3 feet and can be operated with a 40 hp tractor. This drill is ideal for those smaller areas! 


Haybuster 77c

The Haybuster has a seeding width of 7 feet and only needs a 35 hp tractor to operate. This is great for large areas!

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