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Water Point Certification

We proudly offer this FREE service for all Wilkes County Fire Departments. 

What are Water Points? 

Water points are streams or ponds where fire departments can use the water supply for fighting fires. A Certified Water Point is a water source that has been surveyed and deemed to be a replenishable source that fire departments can access if needed during an emergency. In addition, fire departments may use certified water points to help lower their ISO Rating. By lowering a departments ISO rating homeowners could see a lower homeowners insurance rate in that fire district. 

Certification Criteria: 

Water Points must meet the following criteria for certification.

  • Ponds

    • Minimum capacity of 30,000 gallons. ​

    • Have an inflow source (ex. stream)

    • Have an outflow source. 

  • Streams

    • Supply a minimum of 250 gallons per minute (GPM). ​

  • Must be accessible by fire trucks. 

  • Must have landowner permission if on private property. 


Request Service:

To request our services, you must first provide us with the following information: 

  1. GPS Coordinates for each Water Point

  2. Number each Water Point how you would like them numbered on signs. 

  3. Document rather each Water Point in a Pond or Stream.  

  4. For Ponds: 

    • General location of outflow pipe. ​

    • Estimated max depth.

For more information or to submit your Request Form email Makayla Norman at

91 Certified Water Points

Wilkes County has

in 5 Fire Districts.

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