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Stream Debris Removal Programs

Providing assistance with restoring stream flow and reducing flood risk. 

Streamflow Rehabilitation Assistance Program (StRAP) Applications for 2024 are now CLOSED.

Recently the North Carolina General Assembly allocated $20 million in non-recurring funding for the StRAP program. The Wilkes Soil & Water office is currently accepting applications for this second round of StRAP funding. Applications open November 20th, 2023 and close January 19th, 2024

Eligible Projects Include: 

  • Vegetative Debris Removal (ex fallen trees) 

  • Instream Sediment Removal 

  • Stream Bank Stabilization 

  • Stream Restoration 

  • Other stream Repair Needs (ex culvert replacement) 

  • Beaver Dam Removal (includes trapping) 


Applications can be filled out using the online application or by hand by downloading the application.

For Applicants: 

Applications are currently being reviewed by District StRAP Staff. See the following tentative schedule: 

  • January - May: Reviewing Applications & Conducting Site Visits 

  • May - June: NC Division of Soil & Water Conservation Districts announce funding amounts to Soil & Water Districts. 

  • June - July: Applicants are notified of their application/ranking status.  

  • Late Fall: Tentatively work beings on funded projects. 

Streamflow Rehabilitation Assistance Program (StRAP)

The Streamflow Rehabilitation Assistance Program (StRAP) provides funding for projects that help reduce flooding and restore streams across North Carolina. The program was created by the NC General Assembly, which approved $38 million in funding for StRAP for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Wilkes County was awarded the maximum funding amount of $500,000 to conduct projects that would help reduce flooding and restore streams within the county. 

The Yadkin River Project

The Yadkin River stretches across Wilkes County and has become a popular place for recreational activities like kayaking, tubing, and fishing. But as locals know the Yadkin River can be a dangerous place due to fallen trees and hidden snags throughout popular kayaking and tubing routes. In September 2022, the Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District teamed up with the Wilkes Rescue Squad to remove the hazardous debris and make the Yadkin a safer place for people to enjoy. The debris along the Yadkin River is not only a risk to recreational users but it also increases the potential flood risk. By having the water flow blocked or restricted it can cause the water to back up and rise above the banks flooding the surrounding areas. By removing those blockages, we can help direct the water on downstream and lower the chances of it flooding. 

If you want to follow along with our progress on StRAP and the Yadkin River Project follow us on social media. 

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3,443 TONS

of Debris Removed. 

28,851 FEET

of the Yadkin River Cleaned. 

News Center

Read below some of the news stories and articles surrounding the StRAP program and the Yadkin River. Receive updates on the progress of the project on our social media accounts. 

Our Partners 

The Yadkin River Project is not something we could do alone. Meet our amazing team of hardworking people who have banded together to better their community. 

OIP (3).jpg

Wilkes Rescue Squad

Aside from saving lives and dealing with emergencies, the Wilkes Rescue Squad is continuing to serve our community by removing dangerous debris from the Yadkin River. 


Brown Land & Cattle Co. 

Owner and operator, Josh Brown, has taken time out of his busy schedule to help haul debris once removed from the Yadkin.

County of WIlkes.png

Local Government

The County of Wilkes, Town of Wilkesboro, Town of North Wilkesboro, Town of Ronda, and the U.S. Army Core of Engineers have been an active supporter in helping make this project happen. 



There is currently no EWP funding available. Check back later or follow our social media for updates on when funds will be available.

Emergency Watershed Protection Program 

Through the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program. the Wilkes Soil and Water Conservation District can help individuals address watershed impairments. Much like the StRAP program, this program allows us to help fund the removal of fallen trees and other wood debris from small rivers and streams. 

Where Does Funding Come From?

The EWP program gets its funding from the state of North Carolina. In order for Wilkes SWCD to receive funds the following must happen: 

1. A major storm must impact our area. 

2. The County of Wilkes must declare a State of Emergency. 

3. The State of North Carolina must declare a State of Emergency. 

**Notice** It can take up to 3 years or longer before Wilkes SWCD is awarded with EWP funds following a major storm event. 

Who Can Apply? 


Any Wilkes County resident can apply for stream debris removal assistance when funding is available. Contracts are awarded to the top applicants on our ranking list. Applicants are ranked based on severity of storm damage. 

If you have storm damage on your property and are interested in stream debris removal, please use the form link below and you will be contacted.

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